A little about me...

Bonjour!       (Lily is not French.)


Like the Gilmore Girls, I hail from small-town Connecticut, speak in witty banter, and adore Melissa McCarthy. When the banter comes to a pause, I enjoy spending time in the calm and quiet of nature. My idea of a rave is watching fireflies light up on a summer night. 


Degrees I have earned:

  • BA in Theater and Music from Muhlenberg College

  • PhD in Listening (because we all need a little compassion)

  • Princess of Genovia (pending)



A little about my writing…


SERIOUS SILLINESS.  (Lily "means business", as indicated by font selection.)


I write comedic shorts/sketches as well as characters. I often create characters who march to the beat of their own drum. Add some wacky costume pieces and character voices and you've got yourself a recipe for fun.


I also love applying the lightness of comedy to the subject of kindness, such as my work with kindness non-profit, Envision Kindness.


Curiouser and curiouser? Pop on over to my Filmmaker page to see some of my work, or my Youtube page.


Cheerio!         (Lily is not British.)