Bonjour!       (Lily is not French.)


Like the Gilmore Girls, I hail from small-town Connecticut, speak in witty banter, and adore Melissa McCarthy. When the banter comes to a pause, I enjoy spending time in the calm and quiet of nature. My idea of a rave is watching fireflies light up on a summer night.


Basically, I'm a cat person who's allergic to cats. 

In addition to acting, I write/direct/edit my own sketch comedy, going beyond the TikTok 30 seconds (to a lengthy 2+ minutes) for the love of the joke. Inspiration comes from absurd thoughts in my head, as well as real situations, such as my dental hygienist commenting, "Oof, you're a writer? That sounds tedious."


I also freelance as a comedy writer and copywriter. I have written kindness PSAs, witty wine coasters, branded memes, humorous educational videos, and everything in between.


In my free time, I enjoy bugging my friends about becoming more eco-friendly, picking up a new skill (currently ukulele), and watching the classic 1992 film 3 Ninjas.

Cheerio!         (Lily is not British.)