A little about me...

Bonjour!       (Lily is not French.)


Like the Gilmore Girls, I hail from small-town Connecticut, speak in witty banter, and adore Melissa McCarthy. When the banter comes to a pause, I enjoy spending time in the calm and quiet of nature. My idea of a rave is watching fireflies light up on a summer night. 


Degrees I have earned:

  • BA in Theater and Music from Muhlenberg College

  • PhD in Listening (because we all need a little compassion)

  • Princess of Genovia (pending)



A little about my writing…


SERIOUS SILLINESS.  (Lily "means business", as indicated by font selection.)


I write comedic shorts/sketches as well as characters. I often create characters who march to the beat of their own drum. Add some wacky costume pieces and character voices and you've got yourself a recipe for fun.


I also love applying the lightness of comedy to the subject of kindness, such as my work with kindness non-profit, Envision Kindness.

Curiouser and curiouser? Pop on over to my Filmmaker page to see some of my work, or for more sketch comedy, my Youtube page.


Cheerio!         (Lily is not British.)